Exhausted, yet unyielding. Diane Abbott, attacked relentlessly, stands tall. Frank Hester's vile remarks expose entrenched bigotry. Gaslighting persists. Systemic denial of racism persists. In 2024, we're still fighting. Black Owned Birmingham supports our resilience. It's Women's History Month, but the struggle endures.

As a Black Woman, I am tired.

As a woman, I am tired.
As someone who identifies as Black, I am tired.


First and foremost, It’s important that Diane Abbott knows that we offer unwavering support. She has been attacked more than any other female MP, ever. I hope she knows that we stand with her, beside her and in solidarity with her. I hope Diane knows, how much we the black community, the female community, the Jamaican community are proud of her. Of all she’s accomplished, of the walls she’s courageously knocked down, not only for herself but for others. She MADE history.

Now on to this pathetic excuse of a man…

Frank Hester said Diane should be shot… she didn’t say anything to him, about him, she wasn’t even around him when he made this comment about her, after multiple MP’s have been murdered… he thought she should be shot just for existing.

He also said that ‘she makes me hate black women’, again, just for her existing.

This is NOT alleged. This was NOT a slip of the tongue. This was NOT miscommunication, misinterpreted or misheard. This is NOT propaganda. He has admitted to saying it and he, alongside his cronies, are now trying to gaslight us.

‘Frank Hester accepts that he was rude about Diane in a private meeting several years ago but his criticism had nothing to do with her gender nor colour of skin’

I am tired.

Why did Frank think it was ok to say something so abhorrent? Because
– It’s something his peers agree with.
– It’s something he has said before and got away with.
– He knows, his donations to the Conservative party will always be welcomed, because they have the same views as him.

Energy minister Graham Stuart said TODAY, that he would “hesitate” to describe Frank’s comments as racist.

In 2024? I am tired.

Cabinet minister, The Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride also defended Frank , saying that while his alleged remarks had been “inappropriate” they
were not “gender-based or race-based. He has apologised, and I think we need to move on from that.”

Who is ‘we’? I am tired.

Sunak’s denial of systemic racism in our country is not only dismissive but also dangerous. It’s not an isolated incident; it’s part of a pattern.

Diane has a historic track record of pioneering into uncharted territories. We, black women, are trying to break into spaces. (Just another reason why Black Owned Birmingham exists, but I digress.) In these spaces, you often encounter individuals like Frank, who hold decision-making power and harbour similar thoughts and beliefs. However, their biases and microaggressions often go unnoticed, and when you dare to speak up, you’re met with dismissive remarks like, ‘stop making everything about race.’ If you internalise it, it eats up at you. You’re constantly told to ‘get over it.’ or ‘Move on.’ The gaslighting continues.

It’s 2024, and I am tired.

Happy International Women’s History month… I guess 🤷🏾‍♀️

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