“Building inclusive cultures, driving positive change in every organisation.”

Sophie Marie Bennett


Speaker Entrepreneur Consultant Strategist Mentor Advocate Community Leader

Speaking Engagements

Planning an event and seeking an expert speaker or panelist? I’m here to inspire, educate, and entertain your audience, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

Topics Include

Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership

Diversity and Inclusion in Business

Empowering Women in Business

Community Impact and Social Responsibility

Personal Development and Growth

The Entrepreneurial Journey

What Services I Offer

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Business Consulting Services

Executive Leadership Development

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Who I Work With

I specialise in empowering executives through Leadership Development, fostering Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes, and delivering bespoke Business Consulting Services.

At the heart of my mission lies a commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Training, recognising that organisations thrive when their workforce is diverse and inclusive.

I partner with forward-thinking companies dedicated to nurturing their leaders, embedding social responsibility into their DNA, and cultivating inclusive cultures where every individual, regardless of background, can flourish.

Best Reasons To Choose My Services


Years of Experience


Happy Clients



Rebekkah Joelle

Marketing Business Minds

We engaged Sophie for our Corporate Social Responsibility programme, and the results exceeded our expectations. Her strategic guidance and hands-on approach not only strengthened our social impact initiatives but also enhanced our brand reputation and employee engagement. Sophie’s dedication to making a meaningful difference is evident in every aspect of their work. Highly recommended!

Daniel Storm

TP Link Director

Working with Sophie for our Leadership Development programme was truly transformative. Her insights and personalised approach helped our executives unlock their full potential, driving positive change throughout our organisation. The impact of their expertise extends beyond leadership; their commitment to diversity and inclusion has reshaped our corporate culture for the better.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Our Diversity and Inclusion Training fosters inclusivity, equity, and awareness in your workplace, empowering teams to embrace diversity and leverage varied perspectives for innovation and success. Cultivate an environment where every voice is heard and valued, driving positive organisational change.

Interactive Workshops

Encourage active learning, fostering inclusive workplace cultures

Scenario-Based Discussions

Stimulate critical thinking, promoting understanding and empathy.

Skill-Building Exercises

Develop essential communication skills for inclusive environments.



  • Diversity awareness.
  • Diverse perspectives.
  • Fosters innovation.
  • Cultivates inclusive culture.
  • Drives organisational change.


  • Strategic insights & expertise.
  • Data-driven solutions.
  • Tailored strategies.
  • Ongoing support.

Business Consulting Services

Unlock your organisation’s potential with comprehensive business consulting. Leverage insights and data-driven solutions to optimise operations, streamline processes, and achieve sustainable growth.

Strategic Analysis and Planning

Conduct thorough analysis to develop tailored strategies for improvement.

Implementation Support

Provide guidance for effective execution of strategies.

Performance Evaluation and Optimisation

Continuously monitor performance metrics for refinement and competitiveness.

Executive Leadership Development

Cultivate exceptional leadership with bespoke executive development programs. Empower leaders to navigate challenges, inspire innovation, and foster continuous growth for organisational excellence.

Leadership Assessment and Coaching

Assess strengths and provide coaching where needed.

Fostering Continuous Growth

Cultivate innovation and help embrace change.

Building Effective Strategies

Equip leaders with tools to inspire teams.



  • Bespoke programs.
  • Navigating challenges.
  • Continuous growth culture.
  • Personalised coaching.


  • Meaningful initiatives.
  • Philanthropic partnerships.
  • Long-term impact.
  • Enhanced brand reputation.

Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes

Embrace impact and sustainability through purpose-driven CSR programs. Align values with initiatives benefiting communities, promoting environmental stewardship, and enhancing brand reputation.

Identifying Impactful Initiatives

Initiatives aligned with values drive positive change.

Implementing Sustainable Practices

Sustainability integration minimises environmental impact.

Measuring Social Impact

Metrics ensure accountability, driving long-term value.

Ready To Start?

Transform your workplace culture today. Contact me to schedule my Diversity and Inclusion Training and empower your teams to embrace diversity, foster inclusivity, and drive positive organisational change.